Tom K. C. Chiu is the person who founded this Babyish encyclopedia. He is keen to preserve this dying language. Tom G. J. Jiu wa Babyish ençaiklopidia dè faundā. Ŋàuàuiŋ-na Babyish leŋgueij boucün wa yitsùm da. 石添小草是這個B文百科全書的創辦者。他正致力於保全這個快消亡的語言。

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  • Morphology is the study of the structure of word forms.
  • Phonology describes the way sounds function within a given language.
  • Phonetics is about the physical production and perception of sounds in any language.
  • Orthography is the set of rules of how to write correctly in the Writing system of a language.
English Babyish 中文
voiceless qiŋyèm 清音
voiced zùkyèm 濁音
aspirated sǒŋhěi 送氣
ùnaspireiten butsǒŋhěi 不送氣


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